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Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner Systems


The expertise of our team lies in R&D of key technologies to realise energy conservative and user-friendly air-to-water systems are heat pump design, manufacturing, and control technologies.



Current activity is mainly focused on the following items:
- Development of better heat-pump systems applied to air conditioners and air-to-water systems

We aim at developing novel technologies that enable to replace air-to-water systems for conventional boiler systems and that realise more user-friendly air conditioners with higher COP.

- Design & marketing of air-conditioners and air-to-water systems for superior design development in order to strengthen Mitsubishi Electric’s European business

Air-conditioners and air-to-water systems are quality-of-life products. We aim at making sophisticated design which matched European lifestyle and improving usability of individual products.



The division addresses both air conditioning systems and air-to-water systems. Design and marketing activities are applied to improve the customer’s satisfaction. The whole division is closely related to the completion of integrated R&D projects.



We are developing fast prototype of a novel air conditioner, from simulation (Star-CD) and elemental technologies development. The evaluation at practical conditions will also be performed based on the results of the prototype tests and the design and marketing activities.