Communication & Information Systems


The expertise of our team lies in the area of scalable communication technologies and reliable software methodologies in order to meet the demands of future ICT-based consumer services and professional applications.


We develop advanced physical layer technologies (modulation, coding, multiple antennas, channel estimation, detection) with the aim to provide high communication throughput and low latency with a strong robustness to the degradations occurring in a wireless propagation environment. We also design higher layer communication technologies, protocols and network architectures to answer the needs of system reliability (e.g. real time constraints), security (e.g. threat detection) and convergence (support of multiple services) in fully connected environments. On software methodologies, we use mathematics and formalisms to prove the correctness of the whole software development process, from the functional specification to the code generation.

Our activities range from the initial concept design to the demonstration of technologies in an integrated system. Our target applications cover 5 main areas: factory automation, automotive , railway, satellite and access networks.

We are strongly connected to the international standardization organizations (e.g., IEC, ETSI, ITU-T, 3GPP, DVB ) in order to contribute to the design of the future generations of products in a global market.

Believing in open innovation, we are continuously engaged in a number of bilateral and multilateral collaborations


The team is composed of 2 groups, the Wireless Communication Systems (WCS) group and the Information & Networks & Systems (INS) group which are closely linked to each other through R&D on common areas.


Proofs of concept are an essential part of the R&D activities. Our laboratory makes use of scalable  hardware and software development platforms using sophisticated monitoring tools and certified equipments to validate the proposed technologies and identify new potential innovations.