Environment & Energy Systems


The expertise of our team lies in R&D of key technology to contribute to achieving a sustainable and comfortable society, including HVAC system design, control, and simulation technology.


Current activity is mainly focused on the following items:

  • Development of HVAC systems to realize ZEB and ZEH
    We are developing novel technologies that realise more energy efficient and comfortable HVAC systems, specifically HVAC system control using heat pump, renewable energy, energy storage and ventilation, considering comfort and energy saving.
  • Development of fundamental technologies for HVAC system and control design
    We are developing simulation technology to design and evaluate new HVAC systems and control, as well as developing water system technology which is important for HVAC in Europe.
  • Development of more efficient heat pump systems applied to air conditioners and heating systems
    We are developing novel technologies that enable the replacement of conventional fossil-fuel boiler systems with air-to-water heat pump systems and the realisation of more efficient air conditioners.


Our team consists of highly qualified experts across a wide range of scientific disciplines, from chemistry to control, from mechanics to mathematics. The research is multidisciplinary and collaborations take place with corporate laboratories in Japan and with world class universities.


We are developing early prototypes of novel HVAC and energy systems, from simulation and key technology development. Extensive experimental evaluation is undertaken in a world class test house facility, used to measure detailed environmental conditions within actual residential buildings and for in depth monitoring of the operation of the prototype systems.

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, ZEB: net Zero Energy Building, ZEH: net Zero Energy House