Researcher in the field of Power Electronics – Magnetic components (M/F)

Posted on the 9th August 2023

Location Rennes (35), France
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Job Reference PES_CDD_DIT_08_23
Contrat 12 to 18 months fixed term contract

Context and description

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC is one of the leading manufacturers of power electronics related
products from components such as semiconductor power devices to systems such as HVDC
CENTRE EUROPE includes a research division specialised in Power Electronics, in particular in
the field of Heterogeneous Integration Techniques1 and high efficiency-ultra compact converters.
To further improve the power density of conversion units, activities related to magnetic
components2 and based on PCB technology are carried out.
The research division, located in Rennes (France – Britany [35]), is looking for a researcher
specialized in Power Electronics, specifically Magnetic components with the following duties:

. Make a survey of existing techniques for measuring core losses (electrical methods,
calorimetry…) and identify existing products if available

. Design and build a dedicated testbench to benchmark magnetic materials under various
excitations (sinusoidal, triangular, trapezoidal waveforms), also with DC premagnetization

. Implement a measurement method (selection of constitutive elements, calibration,
functional tests) and propose a formalized methodology to stringently quantify

. Perform campaigns of tests on high and low permeability materials (ferrite and iron
powders respectively). Aggregate experimental results to build a database used in
transformers and inductors design routines

. Writing of a technical note allowing a user to operate the platform in total autonomy

. Experimental activities related to magnetic components developed at MERCE with PCB
technologies will complement this mission

. Research results will be publishable in international conferences and journals

1 R. Mrad, J. Morand, R. Perrin and S. Mollov, “A PCB based package and 3D assembly for high power density
converters,” 2019 IEEE International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging (IWIPP), 2019.
2 J. L. Leslé, G. Lefevre, J. Morand, R. Perrin, P. -Y. Pichon and G. Regnat, “Characterisation of a Ferrite-Polymer
Based Magnetic Material,” 2022 24th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE’22 ECCE
Europe), 2022

Expected education and experience

. At least 3 or 4 years of experience within the field of power Electronics, through a public
or private R&D laboratory. A PhD graduation would be appreciated.Expertise in the design of magnetic components for Power Electronics (Transformers and
inductors) in conjunction with soft magnetic material technologies (ferrite, iron powders,

. Practical experience in converter design including the selection and the practical
implementation of active/passive components but also cooling systems. Basic knowledge
in routing of electronic boards would be a plus.

. Relevant experience in laboratory environment and associated equipments (power
supplies, scopes, thermal or electrical measuring devices or probes), knowledge in
metrology and experimental measurements

. A know-how in FEA software (FEA, Maxwell2/3D) would be a plus

Personal profile 

. Ability to work across multiple tasks methodically and efficiently and meet committed

. Motivated to work in dynamic environment and adaptable to changes in priority

. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills: ability of sharing information with team
players (must show evidence of team-working)

. Fluent English

. Availability for frequent international business trips.


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